Trip to Thailand

My most recent international travel took me to Thailand, where I had my sights set on cooking and eating everything and anything I could get my hands on. 

Thai food has long been my favorite cuisine ever since I first tasted Thai food as a little girl.  I was fortunate growing up in a military town because people from all over the world were stationed there, and when I was in the third grade a Thai family opened Bahn Thai.  Our Thai class is named in honor of that restaurant and for making me fall in love with a food that would take me halfway across the world.

I spent three magical weeks in Thailand making friends with people from all over the world as I traveled as far north as the Golden Triangle and as far south as Koh Ngai experiencing the drastic differences of each.  I ate my weight in “street food,” cooked many amazing meals with locals as my guides, and actually came up with the name “The Cookery” while cooking with a Thai family one evening. 

I am grateful that I had the opportunity and means to experience first-hand the role food plays in Thai culture and I look forward to sharing my stories and dishes with you! 

I have to report that while I am adventurous both in life and with my food, bugs will not be gracing The Cookery’s class menus anytime soon/ever. You are welcome.