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Read reviews from real customers who have enjoyed upping their chef-skills at The Cookery Dallas.

Wonderful experience! My husband surprised me for my birthday. We did a 3 hour sushi class. It was amazing! Already planning a trip back.
Alexandra C.
Dallas, TX
This has been the best group experience ever!!! I went there with the team and we had a super fun time. Definitely will come back! Mary has been so thoughtful and extremely friendly making the experience memorable!
China L.
Dallas, TX
My husband brought me here as a birthday gift and we loved it! Made fancy appetizers and drinks and they taught you from step 1. Felt so much more competent and able to make these items! The staff was so very friendly and helpful.
Blessy S.
Dallas, TX
This experience was 11/10. I wasn’t sure what to expect since I have never made pasta from scratch or been to a cooking class. I chose the cookery because their reviews were much better and more consistent than the competitors, even though just a touch pricier. My boyfriend and I did this as a date night and it was so fun. We were all around a big island with different types of ingredients in front of us. There were two open hand wash stations so everyone could see others washing their hands, making it more comfortable knowing other people would be helping make your food. The group was great, and the instructor Kelsey was amazing. So personable, friendly, informative, and fun. She wasn’t micromanaging or making it stressful, but also made sure you didn’t mess up. I was worried that the portions might be small considering it’s a class with 11 other people. The appetizer pasta serving was small but SO good. The main dish was HUGE. Bread, salad, and two types of pastas and there was even leftover pasta. Lastly, there was dessert pasta that would knock your socks off. They served water, tea, and champagne and wine throughout the experience. We started on time and ended on time. Exceeded every expectation I could have had and will be back for sure. This was the Fort Worth location. Great for date night, gals night, sibling activity, and I think she said they can accommodate 16 for private events. I’m still thinking about the tortellini…
Megan D.
Dallas, TX
The cookery is an amazing place, we went there for our office team event. It was an awesome experience to know a lot about the produce we use, how to use it, how to get it, where to get it from. I would definitely want to go back for there Thai cooking with my friends. They have some cool products that you buy and they are very reasonably priced. It's a good place team events, get to together with friends and family. The fun part is you cook together and eat together. We had nobody else other than our team so it was more like a private event and we all had fun.
Harika V.
Dallas, TX
My children purchased this dinner for my Christmas gift, but the time all the family could come it was July 20th.. we chose “Indian cuisine”…. best ever!!! The chef Katie.. Sioux chef Kayla and staff (Bernadette) were soooo amazing!!! Attentive, courteous, knowledgeable, and Sooo on que it was amazing!!! The food and step by step prep (which they let us do) was nothing less than incredible!! We were all sooo happy and satisfied… dare I say “AMAZING!!!! Again ?!! Well it was!!!!! Can’t wait till we go again!!!
Dallas, TX
Great gift! More than Sur La Table but way better experience and worth the extra IMO.
Lauren B.
Dallas, TX
My MIL gives us gift cards to the Cookery every year. Best gift ever! The food never disappoints. The chef’s are always amazing. We just finished a cocktail and appetizer class and it was so much fun. Strongly recommend.
Dallas, TX
I took my first course today, That’s Amore!, with my mom and sister today and we have the best time. Katie was our instruction and she was insightful and fun, the whole experience was delightful without being fussy, as cooking should be. I will definitely be back!
Tanner E.
Dallas, TX
We went to the Cajun class to celebrate our anniversary, and it was so low key, fun, and delicious! The instructors were kind, patient, and answered any questions we had. Would attend again at any time, any cuisine, and for any reason!
Stephanie M.
Dallas, TX
I really enjoyed a cooking class here. Stephanie was a wonderful host & teacher. We made a delicious 3 course meal while learning and getting to know the other participants. The food was delicious! I will definitely go back!
Stacey P.
Dallas, TX
We always have such a wonderful time at the Dallas Cookery! We did the Passage to India last night and it was fabulous - aromatic, full of mouthwatering flavors and spices. Tiffany was super upbeat and jovial, yet educated us on the spices being used and the history of the dishes we were making. Every dish was power packed with flavor - from the daal to the dessert. Bernadette never let our glasses run low with the brightly flavored wines that was perfectly pared with the menu! Thank you ladies for creating such a memorable experience! Can’t wait til next time! You ladies ROCK!!
Nicole C.
Dallas, TX
Wow what an awesome experience w/2 amazing chefs. Great surprise birthday date from my girlfriend. French cooking with soufflés. I was thoroughly pleased with wine drinking, cooking, learning new things & enjoying the company and food!
Stevo J.
Dallas, TX

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